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Explode Processing Cutting Quality Inspection Packaging
Raw Material Preparation

Step 1Raw Material Preparation

Explosion Welding

Step 2Explosion Welding

Ultrasonic inspection

Step 3Ultrasonic inspection

Heat Treating

Step 4Heat Treating

Pressure levelling

Step 5Pressure levelling


Step 6Cutting

Quality Inspection

Step 7Perfom


Step 8Polishing


Step 9Packaging

The discovery of explosive compound was first made in 1944, when American L.R. Carl (Carl) accidentally found two thin brass discs with a diameter of 1 inch and a thickness of 0.035 inches in an explosive explosion test, which were welded together due to the sudden impact of the explosion. In fact, in The second World War, when repairing wounded tanks, it was often found that shrapnel from tilting into the tank would weld firmly to the tank armor, but during the war people did not have time to study this phenomenon.

In 1947, M.A. Lavrentev, a famous scientist at the Siberian Branch of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, also discovered this phenomenon, formally called "explosive welding" in his paper, while studying the piercing of armor by shaped bullets.

In the field of welding, the welding of different materials is very difficult, such as steel and aluminum, steel and copper welding. And the welding of large welding depth is also very difficult, if you want to use conventional welding, protective welding and other welding methods to weld two pieces of 40mm thick wide plate into a wide plate of 80mm thick, it is estimated that no one will do it. The explosion, however, perfectly solves both problems at once.

Explosion Welding technology uses explosive detonation to produce high voltage pulse energy, pushing cladder to collide with backer at a specific velocity and impact angle, finally achieving a metallurgical bonding between different metals.

Common titanium steel composite, copper steel composite, titanium zinc composite, titanium nickel composite, nickel steel composite, copper aluminum composite, nickel copper composite and so on.

Metal composite materials have been widely used in more and more fields because they can give play to the advantages of each component material, realize the optimal allocation of each component material resources, save precious metal materials, and achieve performance requirements that cannot be met by single metal.

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